embayment (coast)

a coastal indentation less recessed and smaller than a bay.

entropy (beach)

a measure of the amount of energy unavailable for useful work because of the production of heat during wave and current dissipation over a beach. In a closed thermodynamic system, the entropy S is defined as dS = dQ/T where Q is the amount of heat taken in at absolute temperature T.


pertaining to the wind, esp. such deposits as loess and dune sand. Syn: aeolian; eolic.

equilibrium beach

the shape attained by a beach in response to steady wave forcing. At each equilibrium stage, beaches become constant entropy systems that have minimum internal energy (potential energy of beach slope) and maximum entropy (from kinetic energy of moving sand and water). Cf: critical mass, entropy.


the processes whereby the materials of the Earth's surface are loosened, dissolved, or worn away and moved by various agencies.

erosion rate (soil)

the amount of soil removed in unit time by erosion processes (mass or volume/area A time; volume/area A time = depth/time).


pertaining to or formed in an estuary.


the seaward, widened, portion of a river basin where fresh and seawater are in contact and/or where tidal effects are evident. A drowned river valley.

executable code

a coded computer program that is functional.