abrasion limit

Depth of the seaward extent of platform abrasion by waves in an near the surf zone. Compare: platform, cutting.

accretion/erosion wave

A periodic disturbance in the shoreline position caused by pulses of sediement flux to the shore from the land of by longshore variations in littoral drift rates. Accretion/erosion waves are common features near river mouths, coastal landslides, tidal inlets, harbor and shoreline structures, or along coasts with periodic variations in wave climate.


A chaotic assemblage of coarse angular pyroclastic materials. Compare: conglomerate, breccia.


The general tectonic setting at the edges of continents. Continental margins can be either active or passive. Active continental margins happen to occur at or near tectonic plate margins. This situation has an impact on ... such as increased earthquake and volcanic activity, narrower continental shelves, and ... coastal types. Most continental margins around the Pacific rim are active margins while those around the Atlantic are not.

arctic coasts

Coasts facing the arctic ocean where winter processes are entirely cryogenic and dominated by ice-push phenomena.